Level Overview

With Great Status Comes Great Reward

XB Rewards are broken into several different Levels, with status achieved in each based either on a customer’s total wagering volume or wagering frequency. A customer can escalate through Rewards Levels based on the amount they wager, or the number of days they wager annually. This unique approach is our way of ensuring that all of our customers have a chance to earn special benefits.

All Xpressbet customers start out receiving Base Rewards, and gain status in Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Levels as their wagering volume or frequency increases. When you reach a higher XB Rewards Level, you'll begin to earn Bonus Points on all of the XB Rewards Points you accumulate. For example, Gold Level Players receive a 50% bonus on all XB Rewards Points they earn.

Level Benefits
Level Qualifications
Diamond Level

More Levels, More Rewards

XB Rewards Level Benefits continue to reward you as you continue to wager. The higher your Level, the easier it is to earn XB Rewards Points. Bonus Points are deposited into your XB Rewards account on the 1st of every month.

Benefit Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Bonus Points for each dollar you wager 25% 50% 75% 100%
Free FedEx withdrawals per month 1 2 3 5
Discount on Credit Card fees*   10% 20% 100%
Eligible for Diamond Plus Bonus Points      
Access to toll-free Diamond line      
Free Live Teller Service      

* Credit Card fee discounts are calculated at the time of funding.

XB Rewards FAQs

Two Ways To Earn Levels

There are two ways to qualify for XB Rewards Levels. The first is based on your total annual wagering volume. The second is based on the number of days you wager each year.

Level AchievedWagering Amount# of Days Wagered

Minimum amount required to be wagered each day is one dollar.

For example, if you wagered $5 a day for 180 days in a year, you’d be a Gold Level Player for the entire following year for only $900 in total wagering volume. Similarly, if you wagered $5,000 a day five times in a year, you’d be a Gold Level Player for the entire following year for only having wagered 5 days.

As soon as you gain access to a Level, you maintain your status in at least that Level through the entire next calendar year. You can continue to move up Levels during the calendar year. For example, if on August 15, 2014 you surpass a total of $12,000 wagered for the year, you will be at least a Silver Level Player for the rest of August 2014, through February 1, 2015.

Whether you're a big Saturday player or a daily grinder, XB Rewards Levels are in reach for everyone.

XB Rewards FAQs

Diamonds Are A Player's Best Friend

Diamond Level is the premier Level of the XB Rewards program. Diamond Level players receive perks that include an aggressive reward structure, free Credit Card deposits, free FedEx withdrawals and free Diamond Teller Services. The exclusive Diamond Line ensures your calls are treated with the utmost importance and urgency. Once you qualify for the Diamond Level, the rate at which you receive your Bonus Points depends on your overall handle in either of the prior two months. Diamond Bonus Points are applied in addition to the 100% XB Bonus Points you already receive for being a Diamond Level player. Diamond players can earn Diamond Plus Bonus Points at four escalating levels.

Diamond Level is broken into four sub-Levels, each of which offers escalating Bonus Points:

Points per
WPS Dollar Bet
Points per
Exotic Dollar Bet
Diamond Plus 1$15,00028
Diamond Plus 2$25,000412
Diamond Plus 3$50,000616
Diamond Plus 4$100,0001126

*Minimum Requirement is based on amount wagered in either of the prior two months.

Diamond Bonus Points are deposited into your XB Rewards account on the same day as your Level Bonus.

XB Rewards FAQs

Level Bonus Point multipliers only apply to Base Rewards earned during the month. The multipliers are not applied against Points earned from promotional offers.
Residents of California, Idaho and Virginia are not eligible for Diamond Plus Bonus Points.